Introduction to Industry

The webinar will include an overview of several industries/domains, as well as how to plan your career path and get a taste of the real world.

What will you learn in this webinar?

You’ll learn about several job alternatives, how to choose a professional path, the requirements for a certain career, and how to develop early enthusiasm in your future employment.



The most interesting domain:
The webinar will feature experts in cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Embedded Systems.
It will also include medical experts at the pinnacle of their fields. You’ll meet cardiologists, dentists, ENT specialists, and many more specialists.
People pursuing pure sciences will also feature in this webinar.



The most enticing domain:
The webinar will cover topics such as sales, marketing, finance, management, customer relationships, and entrepreneurship in the business world.
In sectors such as sales, marketing, and finance, you will interact with business people at the top in their fields.
The webinar will also include entrepreneurs, to learn about their experiences in developing successful businesses.



The most entertaining domain:
This webinar will immerse you in creativity while introducing you to innovative experts such as graphic designers, comic artists, website creators, interior designers, writers, artists, and musicians.
You’ll also have the opportunity to engage with actors, directors, and photographers to learn about their journeys to the top of their respective fields.


Law and Media

The webinar will feature experts who are Lawyers, Legal advisors.

Also the Commentariat members.


Millennial Job

This is the most recent domain, majorly based Internet, best said as The Internet Job

Here you will meet and learn about the vloggers, influencers, stand-up comics, streamers, and many more

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Kartik Kulkarni
Electronics Engineer/Entrepreneur
NSRCEL, IIM-B Incubatee
Supported by Department of Science and Technology & Texas Instrument.